Which of the following is a benefit of ClearPass OnGuard?

Which of the following is a benefit of ClearPass OnGuard?

Allows employees and other non-IT staff to create temporary accounts for Wi-Fi access.

Offers an easy way for users to self-configure their devices to support 802.1X
authentication on wired and wireless networks.

Enables organizations to run advanced endpoint posture assessments.

Offers full self-service provisioning for personal employee owned devices.

Allows a receptionist in a hotel to create accounts for guest users.


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  1. Steve says:

    Anybody has taken this exam,ACCP v6.2 or 6.5 ?
    please, advise….


  2. Steve says:


    Is this dump valid to ACCP v6.5?

  3. ipman says:

    Hi guys,

    it seems to be valid …

    i passed ACMP 6.4 last week ! it was the same of ACMP 6.3.

    as usual , help wanted!

  4. ipman says:

    Hi Scott,

    thanks for your reply ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i will take this new exam HPE6-A15 this week

    can you send me the new dump at my email : mounsbe(at)gmail.com ?

    thanks for your help


  5. manuel toledo says:

    hi can you help me? i need to do the examen ACCP6.5(HPE6-A15) do you have some dump? thanks

  6. bas333 says:

    I’m studying too for this exam to take before January.
    Could you send me something? I’ll promise to update what I have in the 6.5.
    my email: basur-33 AT outlook.com

    Thank you very much

  7. Desesp says:

    Scott and ipman, do you have any questions? I have it tomorrow the exam.
    Thank you in advance.
    If you could send me some question I appreciate it (chaosoe at Outlook dot com)

  8. ipman says:

    Hi guys,

    the exam of ACCP6.5 is a compilation of the ACCP6.2 ( 70% ) and about 20 news questions.

    all accp6.2 questions are available here with right answers.

    @Scott: i will check now th HPE0-Y53 to get the MASE

    good luck everybody!

  9. fis8526 says:

    hi i need to know if the questions and answers are good tio take the HPE6-A15ยก? Please help me…

  10. Harry says:

    Hi, I need to do ACCP v6.5 very soon. Scott please could You send me some information about new exam ? My email address is Harry80smail (at) gmail.com

  11. Scott says:

    Hi guys:

    I don’t have all answers…if anyone can help, I can share the file.


  12. Scott says:


    Any news about the new version?


  13. Richard says:

    To whom it may concern,

    When will you be offering these two exams?
    โ€ข Aruba ACCP v6.5
    โ€ข Aruba ACSA v1

    I need to take both exams within the next month and need some practice materials.


  14. Martin says:

    Preparing the exam ACCP. Are this dump still valid?

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