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Exam 1Z0-054: Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning (update June 30th, 2014)


(Choose two.)

After running SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA), you observe a few regressed SQL statements inthe SPA output. Identify the two actions that you would suggest for these regressed SQLstatements. (Choose two.)

Which SQL plan baseline would be used if the SQL query in exhibit1 is executed again when the value of OPTIMIZER_MODE is set to FIRST_ROWS?

View the Exhibit exhibit1 to examine the series of SQL commands and parameter settings.View the Exhibit exhibit2 to examine the plans available in the SQL plan baseline.The first plan (in red) is created when OPTIMIZER_MODE is set to ALL_ROWS and the secondplan (in blue) is created when […]

What could be the problem in this database?

You work as a DBA for a company and you have the responsibility of managing one of its onlinetransaction processing (OLTP) systems. The database encountered performance-relatedproblems and you generated an Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) report to investigate itfurther. View the Exhibits […]

What would be your next step to avoid this event in future?

You are working on an online transaction processing (OLTP) system. You detected free bufferwaits events for your database instance running in a machine that has multiple CPUs. Youincreased the database buffer cache size as the first step. After a few hours of work on thedatabase, further […]

Which action would solve this problem?

You are working on a development database that was upgraded to Oracle Database 11g fromOracle Database 9i. An ADDM finding in this database says that the shared pool is inadequatelysized, as shown in the Exhibit.You diagnosed that this is due to different kinds of workloads and this occurs […]

Why would you choose this method?

You observed that some of the queries are performing poorly on the SALES_RECORDS table inyour database.On further investigation, you find that at the end of each day the contents of theSALES_RECORDS table are transferred to the SALES table and deleted from theSALES_RECORDS table. The deleted […]

(Choose three.)

View the Exhibit and examine a portion of the output obtained from the following query:SQL> SELECT * FROM v$sys_time_model;Select three correct interpretations of the time model statistics. (Choose three.)

Which two statements are true about the report produced by this script?

A batch workload that historically completed in the maintenance window between 10:00 PM andmidnight is currently showing poor performance and completing at 2 AM. To help in the diagnosisof the performance degradation, the senior DBA in your organization asks you to execute theawrddrpt.sql […]

Which action would allow you to perform the preceding task successfully?

You plan to use adaptive thresholds as part of the performance tuning activity. You decide toincrease the window size of the default moving window baseline for all metric observations andcomparisons in your database. The following error occurs when you try to increase the windowsize through […]

(Choose two.)

Identify two correct statements about the Active Session History (ASH) data. (Choose two.)

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