Most Wanted Data Science Certifications

Data Science should be the first course to think of when you want to place yourself better in your career. Virtually, all the fields today in the world rely on data to make crucial and strategic decisions. Look here; it is very simple, be in control of your career life and future by grabbing top-notch certifications in the field of Data Science. Employers will always trust you with enormous tasks when you present to them certificates in the area of specialization.

You can agree with us, regardless of the incredible results you provide as a data specialist, without the accompaniment of an IT certificate, your talk may fall on deaf ears of every employer. Everyone needs a good career life. The life where you can easily move upward in your job positions and a place where your achievements are is annually encouraging. In other words, you get a hefty salary package with various mind taking and interesting tasks. Whatever you have been thinking, it is good to have facts at your finger tip. Data Science is the best to venture into in terms of acquiring knowledge and credentials.

Who cannot afford to miss a Data Science certificate? Deciding to pursue a course on Data Science to the technology gurus, without doubt, it is fundamental. What exactly does the above statement tell you in this amazing field? The number one secret behind the most successful IT specialist is Data Science. Many of them may not share about this but try to check at every brain behind the firms breaking every ceiling at the Silicon Valley. The IT gurus have extensive experience and most certifications in the field of Data Science.

An Airbnb lead data expert, Lisa Qian, explains how vital the experience and certifications are, helping her add value to the company regarding products sales. It all entails providing the most practical and effective results on after analysis. The big quest lies here, where all the credit towards the course.

First, when you get to any job search engines such as, then you will view over thirty thousand Data Science available jobs there. Correlation One conducts research and finds that the demand of Data Science will increase up to eight hundred thousand in the coming few years. Without doubt, Data Science in the coming three years will be the next jackpot. In fact, the current number of data scientists is less with about one fifty thousand individuals who are professionals in the field. With the concept of big data, then scientists explain that by the year 2020, there will be the production of about 1.7m megabytes of data. What does this indicate to you, now that you are planning to pursue a certificate course? There will be more jobs.

Probably, you may have heard about Data Science, but you do not understand what exactly it entails. The Data Science experts are data engineers. They handle data on statistics and solve problems on data visualizations and machine learning. In big data firms, one can help in product creation and improvement through analysis. According to one of the Asian moguls, Jack Ma, data will be essential in the coming years to propel artificial intelligence. Data Science is true value adding the course. You need to get expert advice on the path you should partake. Below are some of the fundamental courses that will always place to greater heights.

Best Data Science Certifications

  1. Cloudera Certified Professional

This course is among the best certifications to pursue in the globe of Data Science and beyond. The CCP DS is a certificate that is basic to every person in the field of Information Technology. The exams constitute of essential packages that are essential for all the analytical and necessary skills in doing machine learning, artificial intelligence, in analytics of data, and in the field of developing. Here, one utilizes a specific set of data to code on a live cluster. Pursuing this course as a data scientist, empower your set of skills in data handling.

How do I qualify to pursue this course? All you need is experience on some of the programming languages and Apache. The programming languages here include R programming and the Python. What does this tell you? The course is not for those beginning IT, preferably for all with experience on data. You should have not less than a year working with Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. The main reason is to ensure you have time to learn and enjoy the course. Solving tasks about Cloudera is interesting.

Again, the best thing with this course is once you begin the session, you ought to finish every stage. The one you feel you can rock and scale to give the best results. It is all said once you decide to pursue your journey in Data Science, this course you must choose to be definite about completion.

You need to be a guru, and for you to qualify that, then you should do three exams. These are Machine Learning at Scale (DS702), Advanced Analytical Techniques on Big Data (DS701), and Descriptive and Inferential Statistics on Big Data (DS702). When you cover the content at six hundred dollars, then you can quickly maneuver in most of Data Science tasks at good pay.

  1. EMC Data Science Associate

The course is necessary for those who are already in the field of statistics, machine learning, and mathematics. Again, if you have ever pursued a course in Data Science, may be a degree, then you are probably safe of any hustle during studies. You will fit perfectly. But should this frighten you especially that you realize you have no experience in it? Of course, if it is something you love, then, you need to conquer all the challenging tasks and land to solutions that will give your company fortunes.

What are the benefits of this course? As a Data Science expert, of course, you must be sure of a substantial pocket. The ability to move in your lane of IT career becomes swift; your hands-on data of any company works magic and gives tremendous results. You become a hotcake in the field of Data Science. Employers chase to have you work for them.

The qualifications you need unlike Cloudera, include one E20-007examination, a course about Data Science and Big Data Analytics. The EMC certification gives you the ability to work advanced analytics, data visualizations, and all that involves the cycle of data. The technology is continuously changing after you do an examination you need to update your skills for every two years. Doing this keeps you with every day changing tasks. It is advisable since you maintain effectiveness in your firm and career wise too. You can do the course at only two hundred dollars. The course is more for such charges.

  1. Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

When you are planning to pursue such a course, then you should always plan to check on Columbia University for best. It is for those who love to succeed in Data Science and big data analytics. Mind you; if you decide to put your foot forward in this course, you should know Linear Algebra and Calculus. These are basic requirements.

What units will you study when you get to the lectures of the Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Science? It is fundamental to take Stat W5701 Probability and Statistics, Stat W4701 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization, Csor W4246 Algorithms for Data Science and Coms W4721 Machine Learning for Data Science.

The main difference here is the price. You pay about nineteen hundred dollars tuition fee and a fee of about four hundred dollars, nonrefundable.

  1. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

The last in the list is CAP as denoted. You learn about the different domains in the field of Data Science. The other tasks you do include data lifecycle, model building, and distribution of data to solving tasks.

For you to pursue this, then you need to be a practitioner for about four to seven years. It must be analytics. The provider of the course, charge about seven hundred dollars. Register as a member, then you are well, and it means you will pay less two hundred dollars.


In conclusion, pursuing the above certifications courses gives you assurance in the field of Data Science. You ought to dedicate and invest in the course with every coin and energy because it is always pays back. Look, you will have career satisfaction, you escalate in your employment and earn handsomely. You can keep on talking about successful data scientists, but unfortunately, without acting then you will miss significant opportunities. Your wallet will not be as you expect, you will remain unmotivated because your ability to handle complex tasks is on the limit. What should you do about this? It is in the broad daylight, plan to pursue and execute.

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