What is the problem with this configuration?

You are establishing a ClusterXL environment, with the following topology:

External interfaces and connect to a VLAN switch. The upstream
router connects to the same VLAN switch. Internal interfaces 172.16 10.1 and
connect to a hub. is the synchronization network. The Security Management Server is
located on the internal network with IP What is the problem with this configuration?

There is an IP address conflict

The Security Management Server must be in the dedicated synchronization network, not the
internal network.

The Cluster interface names must be identical across all cluster members.

Cluster members cannot use the VLAN switch. They must use hubs.


One Comment on “What is the problem with this configuration?

  1. MeIsChris says:

    found this by google search – this question is still present in the set of r77 exam questions I currently use…

    Answer is A because the Security Management Server is using the same IP as the VIP internal Cluster IP ( So there is a IP Addr. conflict – no matter what device is using the 10.3 address. it still is an ip addr. conflict.

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