Which CLI tool helps on verifying proper ClusterXL sync?

Which CLI tool helps on verifying proper ClusterXL sync?

fw stat

fw ctl sync

fw ctl pstat

cphaprob stat

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    1. Chris says:

      no cpahprob stat (actually state) Shows you the state of the Cluster members load sharing mode
      like that

      Cluster mode: Load sharing (Multicast)

      Number Unique Address State
      1 (local) active
      2 active

      fw ctl pstat Displays Information about the sync
      Version: new
      Status: Able to Send/Receive sync packets
      Sync packets sent:
      total : 466729198, retransmitted :241305, retrans reqs : 6089, acks : 809
      Sync packets received:
      total : 77283541, were queued : 6715, dropped by net : 6079
      retrans reqs : 37462, received 221 acks
      retrans reqs for illegal seq : 2
      dropped updates as a result of sync overload: 3
      Delta Sync memory usage: currently using XX KB mem
      Callback statistics: handled 165 cb, average delay : 3, max delay : 34
      Number of Pending packets currently held: 1
      Packets released due to timeout: 18

  1. Tim says:

    cphaprob state and fw ctl pstat both do…at least, if you were troubleshooting you would check both commands.

    fw ctl pstat shows more information, but won’t show you if you are at Active/Standby or something different, so the answer is probably better suited to D

    reason: if you had a scenario of Active/Down and you issued the fw ctl pstat on the Active member, everything would appear ok. cphaprob state issued on that same member would immediately tell you there was a problem by displaying the other member as Down…

    1. Josh says:

      Maybe D ist the better answer to the following question:
      Which CLI tool gives information about a cluster concerning readiness for failover?
      For proper ClusterXL sync prefer answer C.

    1. FriedBacon says:

      No it’s C 🙂

      1st: ‘cphaprob stat’ is technically NOT a command that exist, if it was ‘cphaprob state’ then that would be okay

      2nd: ‘cphaprob state’ displays the health of the Cluster, if you want ot verify sync traffic and such, better use ‘fw ctl pstat’

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