What are the two most likely causes of the problem? (Choose two

A DRS cluster with two ESXi 5.x hosts is set to fully automated mode. One host in the cluster is running at 98% CPU utilization. The other host is running at 52% utilization. Upon analysis, it appears that none of the virtual machines are being migrated from the CPU-constrained host, and no recommendations are being generated.

What are the two most likely causes of the problem? (Choose two.)

The VMkernel port is assigned an incorrect IP adderss.

vMotion is not enabled on the VMkernel port.

The DRS Migration Threshold is too aggressive.

VMware DRS is not set to Fully Automated.

6 Comments on “What are the two most likely causes of the problem? (Choose two

  1. Dennis says:

    If VMKernel is not configured properly, this wouldn’t affect the recommendations….
    Migration is started, but will fail.
    If no recommendations are given it is to conservative.

    None of these answers are correct???

    1. Gary says:

      Yes Dennis that’s what I think too. Making recommendations and following on those recommendations are two separate things. How not having recommendations relates to vmotion kernel port?

      Strange questions and even more strange are options and their answers.

  2. Kevin says:

    A & B are correct, as the question states “none of the virtual machines are being migrated”…the fact that no recommendations are being generated is irrelevant, since the other two answers don’t provide correct reasons for that.

  3. Rich says:

    The question is invalid. If there were configuration problems with the VMKernel port recommendations would still be generated – along with errors. So A & B aren’t correct.

    C & D are obviously incorrect.

    Looks like whoever wrote this question threw in “no recommendations are being generated” as a red herring, but in fact it invalidated the question.

    Though I’m sure that the people who write these questions have a strong technical knowledge of VMWare, they don’t seem to be qualified to write valid questions.

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