What can the user do after the permission is removed?

A user was previously assigned a permission to create alarms. What can the user do after the permission is removed?

User cannot create new alarms, but can modify or delete existing ones

User cannot create new alarms, and cannot modify or delete existing ones

Alarms tab will be greyed out

Something else here but I can’t remember but easily eliminated

The wording of the question may differ, but the idea is there (-had this on my exam)

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  1. runwinged says:

    B is correct. just tested.
    Alarm tab is always there.
    but in right click, permission like edit, remove, rename and new alarm can change to grey.

  2. Garrett says:

    OK, I tested this too and the answer is A.

    This is how I tested it:

    I created a new test user in AD, testguy. Using my admin account I created a new role using the vSphere client by cloning the VM Power User (sample) role. This new role had no alarm permissons, so I edited the new role and added create, delete, and modify permission under the Alarms category. Note that these are separate permissions. I then went to a VM and assigned the new VM Power User role to the testguy account. I then logged into vSphere client with the testguy account and went to the VM (it was the only VM test guy had access to.) I created a VM alarm definition and added a trigger. So the VM had a new alarm on it. I logged out and logged back in with my admin account. I edited the new VM Power Users role and unselected the create alarm permission. I logged back into vSphere with the testguy account. I was unable to create a new alarm on the VM. The New Alarm menu item was grayed out. If I right click the alarm I clearly see Edit settings, Remove, Rename are all available menu items. I chose Edit Settings and I was able to modify the VM alarm definition. I added a trigger to it. I was able to remove triggers as well. I clicked OK and was able to successfully save my changes. I right clicked the alarm and selected remove and clicked Yes to confirm the removal. The alarm was successfully removed.

    I believe the question is trying to find out if you know that create, modify, and delete are separate permissions regarding alarms. So I think “A” is the right answer. The question does not state that modify and delete permissions were granted previously. However if that was the case it would be a pointless question.

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