What change to the vApp configuration will correct the issue?

Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator is creating a vApp for a multi-tiered web application. The vApp has been configured as shown in the exhibit. Testing of the vApp indicates that attempts to communicate with the web server on Dev_Web_01 fail.

What change to the vApp configuration will correct the issue?

Change the Startup Sequence to startup when VMware Tools is ready

Change the Startup Sequence value from 120 to 240

Move the Dev_Web_01 virtual machine to Group 3

Move the Dev_SQL_01 virtual machine to Group 2 and move the Dev_App_01 virtual machine to Group 3

8 Comments on “What change to the vApp configuration will correct the issue?

  1. ST says:

    Can any one please write up an explanation to this solution please? why should a Group 3 be created ?


    1. Rami says:

      I do not have any refrence for that but what I am sure of is there isn’t any logic behind moving Dev_Web_01 anywhere in the list except giving more time for the SQL VM to completely boots so the Web VM can communicate with the SQL server (it is not a good practice).

      Max time needed for VM to launch is 3 minutes (not B)

      The only option left is A.

  2. gtx2010 says:

    Answer should be A.

    There is also no use moving Dev_Web_01 to group 3 or even moving or shuffling the virtual machines from one group to another. Furthermore there is no group 3

  3. Pavel says:

    I think it should be C.
    Typical multi-tiered web application communication is: web -> app and app -> sql.
    Then web srv should start after app server.

  4. Rich says:

    Kind of a bogus question, but this situation is common in the real world. Three tier application usually require the servers to start with the DB server first, then the app server, then the web front end. Each server should be fully up before the next tier tries to communicate.

    In the configuration in the image, the DB server and web server will start simultaneously (regardless of the other settings) and the web server will be out of sync with the app server. The application will fail.

    Creating a group 3, and moving the web server into it would be the way to set this up.

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