What does this indicate?

While verifying host connectivity to datastores using Topology Maps, you see that one of the hosts in a DRS/HA Cluster is framed by a pale green circle. What does this indicate?

The host has a CPU incompatibility

The host has a vmotion validation issue

The host is currently heavily utilized

The host currently has a low workload

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  1. Bubez says:

    A host that is compatible for vMotion migration. The color of the circle varies in intensity based on the load of the current host. Heavily used hosts are pale; low-load hosts are saturated green.

    Page 139 on vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-host-management-guide.pdf

    vMotion resource maps also indicate which hosts in the virtual machine’s cluster or datacenter are compatible with the virtual machine and are potential migration targets. For a host to be compatible, it must meet the following criteria.
    Connect to all the same datastores as the virtual machine.
    Connect to all the same networks as the virtual machine.
    Have compatible software with the virtual machine.
    Have a compatible CPU with the virtual machine.

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