What is a likely cause of the error shown in the exhibit?

Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator is configuring vMotion in their environment. As part of the implementation, an administrator is examining resource mapping for virtual machines.

What is a likely cause of the error shown in the exhibit?

vMotion has been disabled because the are no other hosts in the cluster with vMotion enabled.

vMotion has not been enabled on the Production port group.

The administrator has not created a Managent network.

vMotion has not been enabled on a VMkernel port group.

3 Comments on “What is a likely cause of the error shown in the exhibit?

  1. angryant says:

    I see two errors in the exhibit:
    – Red X icon next to esxi1 host – which could be caused by many things, in this case seems to be network connectivity
    – ‘vMotion is disabled’ msg, – which is self explanatory and easy to fix but wont fix the red X


    vCenter vMotion Maps

    vMotion resource maps provide a visual representation of hosts, datastores, and networks associated with the selected virtual machine.

    vMotion resource maps also indicate which hosts in the virtual machine’s cluster or datacenter are compatible with the virtual machine and are potential migration targets. For a host to be compatible, it must meet the following criteria.
    ¦Connect to all the same datastores as the virtual machine.
    ¦Connect to all the same networks as the virtual machine.
    ¦Have compatible software with the virtual machine.
    ¦Have a compatible CPU with the virtual machine.


    The vMotion map provides information as to whether vMotion might be possible, and if not, what an administrator might do to remedy the situation. It does not guarantee that a particular vMotion migration will be successful.

    Hosts marked with a red X are unsuitable candidates for migration. A lack of edges connecting that host and the virtual machine’s networks and datastores indicate that the host is unsuitable because of networking or datastore incompatibility. If the unsuitability is because of CPU or software incompatibility, the information appears in a tooltip when the pointer hovers over the host in question.

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