what is it required for (Choose Two)?

What does the Virtualized Memory Management Unit (MMU) do and what is it required for (Choose Two)?

Virtualized MMU enables Hardware Page Table Virtualization

Virtualized MMU is required for the vmmemctl driver

Virtualized MMU is required for Virtual Machine Direct Path PCI devices

Virtualized MMU enables memory reclamation from the guest OS

Standardized but Flexible I/O for Self-Virtualizing Devices

Hypervisors which support assigning PCI functions to VMs have to provide a virtual PCI (vPCI) bus for each VM so that the guest OS in the VM can discover the assigned PCI devices. Typically the following steps are performed:

1. A device is chosen from the PCI bus to be assigned to a VM.
2. The OS/hypervisor arranges for the device’s interrupts to be forwarded to the VM.
3. The OS/hypervisor configures the IO-MMU to permit the device to access the VM’s memory. [C above]
4. The OS/hypervisor attaches the device to a VM’s vPCI bus.
5. The guest OS discovers the device on its vPCI bus, and loads the device’s PCI driver.

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