What is the DRS rule to apply?

There are two virtual machines, VM23 and VM43. The web application running in VM23 wants to be brought online together with the database hosted in VM43. What is the DRS rule to apply?

separate the virual machines

virtual machines to hosts

DRS host groups

keep the virtual machines together

A DRS Host Affinity rule can accomplish this.

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  1. Dyslexia says:

    Basically none of the choices provided apply, given the wording of the question.

    “…VM23 wants to be brought online together with …” to me implies that when you “bring online” (ie. you power on) VM23 it wants VM43 to be “brought online” as well (or vice versa).

    The links provided clearly state (and I quote):
    “A VM-VM affinity rule specifies whether selected individual virtual machines should run on the same host or be kept on separate hosts. This type of rule is used to create affinity or anti-affinity between individual virtual machines that you select.”

    None of the rules indicated in the choices concern themselves with “bringing online”, only with KEEPING things online in a certain setting.

    If “bringing online” is supposed to be key in the question, the you are talking about Startup Order in a vApp.
    If not, the question should be re-worded.

    My 2c.

  2. dave says:

    The answer is D.

    If one virtual machine was brought online and placed one VM on host A and the Next VM on host B, the DRS rule Keep VM together would automatic move them to the correct host.

    Therefore D is correct

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