What is the LUN number?

Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows paths of a SAN LUN. What is the LUN number?





Understanding Storage Device Naming
Runtime Name
The name of the path to the device. The runtime name is created by the host. The name is not a reliable identifier for the device, and is not persistent. The runtime name has the following format:
vmhba#:C#:T#:L#, where
vmhba# is the name of the storage adapter. The name refers to the physical adapter on the host, not to the SCSI controller used by the virtual machines.
C# is the storage channel number.
T# is the target number. Target numbering is decided by the host and might change if there is a change in the mappings of targets visible to the host. Targets that are shared by different hosts might not have the same target number.
L# is the LUN number that shows the position of the LUN within the target. The LUN number is provided by the storage system. If a target has only one LUN, the LUN number is always zero (0).

For example, vmhba1:C0:T3:L1 represents LUN1 on target 3 accessed through the storage adapter vmhba1 and channel 0.

Therefore vmhba2:2:0, vmhba2:3:0, vmhba3:0:0 and vmhba3:1:0 all have a LUN number of 0.

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