What is true about HA Agent VMs?

What is true about HA Agent VMs?

They are restarted on surviving nodes in the event of an HA failover.

They have a 1-to-l association with Client VMs.

They are tied to a specific ESXi host.

They can be vMotion migrated in a DRS cluster.

* If a host stops unexpectedly, VMware HA does not start an ESX agent virtual machine on another host.

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  1. Mohsin Alvi says:

    ESX agent virtual machine …….
    When ESXi put into the HA Cluster, a agent is installed on each ESXi server in a cluster that communicate the state of ESXi server to the master ESXi server. Agent is like a process like other processes in ESXi server. HA Cluster just protect the VMs, not the process hosted by ESXi Server

  2. Tony says:

    Actually, this blog states the opposite:


    By “tagging” this virtual machine as an agent VM we ensure that this virtual machine gets powered on first in the case of a host failure. We do this to ensure the service is available before all other VMs start.

    This is the current order which HA uses in case of a host failure and restarts need to occur:
    ■Agent virtual machines
    ■FT secondary virtual machines
    ■Virtual Machines configured with a restart priority of high,
    ■Virtual Machines configured with a medium restart priority
    ■Virtual Machines configured with a low restart priority

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