What might cause this problem?

An administrator wants to monitor the health status of an ESXi 5.x host. However, when the administrator clicks the Hardware Status tab the following error is displayed.

This program cannot display the webpage

What might cause this problem?

The VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices Service is not started.

The required plug-in is not enabled.

The VMware ESXi Management Webservices Service is not started

The name of the vCenter Server system could not be resolved.

3 Comments on “What might cause this problem?

    1. Dot says:

      No plugins are required to view this information. The VI client basically uses the IE browser to display in the window. It needs to connect to the VC Management Web Services.

  1. biju balan says:

    If no corresponding plug-in installed and enabled, the “hardware tab” doesn’t show. The question shows, hardware tab is available – which implies the plug-in had been installed. So the possible issue is with Webservices.

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