what should you do?

Before you upgrade an ESXi host what should you do?

update the ESXi restore CD with the current ESXi image

save the current ESXi image to another ESXi server

copy the embedded ESXi image to a USB flash drive

save the ESXi configuration using vicf g-cfgbackp s from the Vcli

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  1. Scott says:


    Back Up the ESXi Host Configuration
    Back up the host configuration before you begin a host upgrade.

    For more information about the VMware vSphere Command-Line Interface and the vicfg-cfgbackup command, see the vSphere Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide

    1 Install the vSphere CLI.

    2 In the vSphere CLI, run the vicfg-cfgbackup command with the -s flag to save the host configuration to a specified backup filename.

    vicfg-cfgbackup –server –portnumber –protocol –username username –password -s

  2. Scott says:

    The previous was for vsphere 4.1

    this is for 5.1, but same commmands…



    [–force |
    –help |
    –load |
    –reset |
    –save ]


    The vicfg-cfgbackup command backs up ESXi configuration data and restores them later. You can back up the host configuration, restore the configuration to the host, force the restore of the configuration, and reset the host to factory settings.

    Back up ESXi host configuration before you change the configuration or upgrade the ESXi image. The vSphere Upgrade Guide discusses backing up and restoring the ESXi configuration in some detail.

    Important: This command is supported for ESXi hosts but not for ESX hosts.

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