What will you need to do in order to successfully deploy vCenter?

You have decided to install vCenter on an existing Windows Server running an application that is accessed through standard HTTP and HTTPS connections, ports 80 and 443.

What will you need to do in order to successfully deploy vCenter?

No additional action is required

You must specify alternate vCenter Web Service ports during installation and manually specify the alternate ports when connecting with the vSphere Client.

You must move the application to another server but keep IIS installed and running on ports 80 and 443 for use with SDK clients.

You must change the vCenter Web Service port to 905 if SDK clients will be used.

Install vCenter Server Procedure.
12. Enter the port numbers that you want to use or accept the default port numbers and click Next. vCenter Server requires port 80 for direct HTTP connections. Port 80 redirects requests to HTTPS port 443.
This is useful if you accidentally use http://server instead of https://server. The vCenter Server system also uses port 443 to listen for data transfer from the vSphere Web Access Client and other SDK clients.
If you use another port number for HTTPS, you must use <ip-address>:<port> when you log in to the vCenter Server system.

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