which of the following?

In Guided Consolidation, a higher Confidence Metric indicates which of the following?

The displayed destination ESX Server is the best fit from all available ESX Servers

A given destination ESX Server is a better fit for the source machine

The source machine is a better candidate for virtualization

The data collected from the source machine is more reliable

About the Confidence Metric
One important metric displayed in the Analysis tab is the Confidence metric. During the analysis phase, performance data about each selected system is collected. This data is used to find a host with resources that match the collected data to determine a recommendation for each candidate. The recommendation indicates how well suited, based on the collected data, a candidate is to a particular virtual machine host system. Confidence refers to the reliability of the recommendation and it is a function of the duration of the analysis. Recommendations based on longer periods of analysis and therefore more performance data receive a higher level of confidence.

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