Which of the following are benefits of using resource pools?

Which of the following are benefits of using resource pools? (Choose Three.)

access control and delegation

decreased virtualization overhead

flexible hierarchical organization

improved network utilization

isolation between pools, sharing within pools

Why Use Resource Pools?
Resource pools allow you to delegate control over resources of a host (or a cluster), but the benefits are evident when you use resource pools to compartmentalize all resources in a cluster. Create multiple resource pools as direct children of the host or cluster and configure them. You can then delegate control over the resource pools to other individuals or organizations. Using resource pools can result in the following benefits. Flexible hierarchical organization–Add, remove, or reorganize resource pools or change resource allocations as needed.
Isolation between pools, sharing within pools–Top-level administrators can make a pool of resources available to a department-level administrator. Allocation changes that are internal to one departmental resource pool do not unfairly affect other unrelated resource pools. Access control and delegation–When a top-level administrator makes a resource pool available to a department-level administrator, that administrator can then perform all virtual machine creation and management within the boundaries of the resources to which the resource pool is entitled by the current shares, reservation, and limit settings. Delegation is usually done in conjunction with permissions settings.

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