Which storage option best meets the company objectives?

A company wants to increase disk capacity for their vSphere environment.

Management mandates that.

1. vMotion must work in this environment.

2. The existing LAN infrastructure must be used.

Which storage option best meets the company objectives?


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12 Comments on “Which storage option best meets the company objectives?

  1. John says:

    Take note on this tricky question. NFS also support storage on existing LAN infrastructure, if ” 3. The storage must support raw device mapping” is included in the question, then the answer is absolutely iSCSI

  2. dinh says:

    I think, this question have two correct answer:
    iSCSI and NFS

    both iSCSI and NFS suppport vMotion and can use in existing LAN infrastructure, iSCSI support Raw Device Mapping, NFS don’t support RDM

  3. baher says:

    vMotion requires shared storage which makes iSCSI/FC/NFS all correct answer. So the trick of this question relies on LAN (physical) infraS. Since RDM is not mentioned here, but it says “existing LAN InfraS is used” it means that we are not supposed to change anything in (physical) LAN InfraS. Based on this, the best answer is NFS. To make the thinking process easier, I thought about have an OpenFiler (NFS) vs. have a new SAN system, it becomes clearer that OpenFiler (NFS) will be a better answer to meet the requirements of this question.

  4. Dennis says:

    In the student manual:Vmware Vsphere install,configure and manage there is a statement:
    – use VMFS datastores to hold virtual machine files.
    – NFS datastores are useful as a repository for ISO images.

    Based on this the answer is clearly iscsi.

    Do i agree with those statements …. NO 🙂

  5. pavel says:

    But the question is asking about increasig DISK capacity..
    Defenetly with ISCSI we can configure a larger disk(rdm,physical mode) then with nfs.
    Another tricky question ?

  6. Amim says:

    NFS is also a protocol described in RFC 1094 from Sun Microsystems
    This is tricky question, and got nothing to do with Vmware knowledge

  7. Ranga says:

    If iSCSI configuration is already there, it could be the right answer. But the question doesn’t say that. For NFS, no new network settings needed. So, the answer is NFS.

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