Which task would successfully resolve this problem?

Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator has deployed a two-node cluster with HA and DRS enabled. DRS has been configured for fully automated mode. The management and vMotion interfaces have been configured on separate physical networks. Initial DRS testing on this cluster reveals that virtual machines are not being migrated despite great disparity in resource use between the ESX hosts in the cluster. The exhibit shows the error and the network configuration for one of the hosts.

Which task would successfully resolve this problem?

Add a vmnic to the VMkernel port

Configure the DRS Migration Threshold to Aggressive

Connect the network cable to the correct physical network

Migrate vitual machines manually using vMotion

One Comment on “Which task would successfully resolve this problem?

  1. Amin Shaikh says:

    vmnic is already there for vmKernel port as seen in the exhibit. So A is incorrect.

    The vMotion was initiated by ‘System’ as shown in the exhibit meaning it is DRS initiated vMotion and thus DRS Migration Threshold is already configured as Aggressive.So B is incorrect.

    If the migration through DRS/System initiated vMotion failed, it means that manual vMotion will also fail. D is incorrect. Leaving only choice C as correct.

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