Which three Authorization types are valid in vSphere?

Which three Authorization types are valid in vSphere? (Choose three.)

Group Membership in vsphere.local



vCenter Server

Group Membership in system-domain


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  1. Mirk Diggle says:

    Passed 2V0-621D exam yesterday! 485/500 marks!!

    65 questions in total, a good number of questions about new features specific to vSphere 6. Also questions on VSAN, new vSphere architecture and its components, Authentication and SSO, Upgrading and related troubleshooting, new DRS/HA features.

    And, there were around 5-8 NEW questions on:

    Permissions to Manage Snapshots
    Extend Datastore
    …AND SO ON.

    I used PassLeader 2V0-621D dumps (http://www.passleader.com/2v0-621d.html) for preparing for the test, 95% or more actual questions were from PL, valid enough for passing!

  2. anotheruser says:

    Just did the exam and passed. Lot of questions from here, but also use vcpstudyguide.com (few extra questions there) and gratisexam.com has the “non-D” 2V0-621 pdf file with 218 questions. Then there’s ccsequestions.com that has also got some questions that are not on vcpstudyguide or the pdf.

    Take time to understand the questions, some answers here and the other sources are wrong. If you take the vmware test exam on the mylearn site, you’ll see a few questions found here as well. They won’t be on the test. I did not see any questions other than what I found online. If you have the resources, build a lab in vmware workstation to try out some stuff if you’re not sure. Other than that, you should be fine.

    Good luck, and thanks AIOTestking for providing such a valuable service.

  3. Matthew says:

    Pretty sure the answer is Global, vSphere.local and ESXi local. The last one is not listed here, but if you follow the URL from the first response you will see this answer.

  4. Ananda says:


    New 2V0-621D Exam Questions Updated Recently (27/Feb/2017):

    An administrator has a virtual machine (VM) that uses a shared USB device. Which option will allow the VM to utilize vMotion while retaining the maximum possible functionality?

    A. Disable the USB device from the VM.
    B. Configure the VM to support vMotion while the device is connected.
    C. Enable migration support for the individual USB device.
    D. Remove the device from the VM.

    Answer: B

    An administrator is configuring an identity source for Single Sign-On. The administrator will use the machine that Single Sign-On is running on, but does not want all users on the machine to be visibile to SSO. Which Identity Source meets this requirement?

    A. Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication)
    B. Active Directory as an LDAP Service
    C. OpenLDAP
    D. LocalOS

    Answer: A

    Which two conditions would prevent an administrator from upgrading an existing vCenter Appliance to vSphere 6.x? (Choose two.)

    A. The appliance has been configured to use an external Single Sign-On server.
    B. The administrator did not export the appliance configuration.
    C. The administrator is using an appliance with an embedded Platform Services Controller.
    D. The ESXi Host that the appliance will run on has not been placed into Maintenance Mode.

    Answer: AB

    An administrator has configured a cluster with the Host Failures Cluster Tolerates admission control policy, as shown in the Exhibit:
    Image URL: examgod.com/plimages/654d4ba500c4_7F5E/passleader-2v0-621d-dumps.jpg
    Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

    A. The number of slots per cluster node is four.
    B. The cluster can sustain loss of only one node.
    C. The number of slots per cluster node is three.
    D. The cluster can sustain the loss of two nodes.

    Answer: BC

    An administrator is creating a new Platform Service Controller Password Policy with the following requirements:
    – Minimum length: Minimum of 8 characters
    – Restrict use: 6
    – Character requirements: At least one upper-case letter, one number, and one special character
    – Identical adjacent characters: 0
    When trying to assign the password “[email protected]$$w0rd”, the administrator receives an error that the password does not meet the Password Policy requirements. Which part of the Password Policy does this password violate?

    A. Minimum length
    B. Restrict use
    C. Character requirements
    D. Identical adjacent characters

    Answer: D

    Which two statements are true regarding upgrading from a Distributed vCenter Server 5.x to vCenter Server 6.x? (Choose two.)

    A. vCenter Single Sign-on becomes part of the Platform Services Controller.
    B. vCenter Inventory Service becomes part of the Platform Services Controller.
    C. The vCenter Server service is not migrated during the upgrade process.
    D. The vSphere License Service is migrated to the new vCenter Server 6.x instance.

    Answer: AC

    An administrator wants to clone the configuration of an existing ESXi 6.x host to a new group of hosts, but does not want to clone storage specific settings. Which action would accomplish this?

    A. Uncheck sub-profile
    B. Remove sub-profile
    C. Revert profile
    D. Disable VM Storage Profile

    Answer: B

    Which two statements are true regarding upgrading ESXi 6.x hosts using a USB flash drive? (Choose two.)

    A. The ks.cfg file must be available to the ESXi 6.x host during bootup on a TFTP server.
    B. The USB flash drive must be formatted using Fat32.
    C. A partition table must be manually created on the USB flash device.
    D. The USB flash drive must be mounted from a Windows device with sysconfig installed.

    Answer: BC

    An administrator is configuring resource pools for a vSphere 6.x cluster. The cluster has these characteristics:
    – Five ESXi 6.x hosts
    – Six cores per host
    – 70 virtual machines with 1 vCPU each
    The administrator configures three resource pools and places the virtual machines into the pools, as follows:
    – Production pool – High Share value with 40 virtual machines
    – Infrastructure pool – Medium Share value with 20 virtual machines
    – Development pool – Low Share value with 10 virtual machines
    Given this configuration, what is the expected performance for each group of virtual machines during contention?

    A. Virtual machines in the Production pool will perform two times as well as those in the Infrastructure pool.
    B. Virtual machines in the Infrastructure pool will perform four times as well as those in the Development pool.
    C. Virtual machines in all resource pools will perform equally.
    D. Virtual machines in the Development pool will perform two times as well as those in the Infrastructure pool.

    Answer: C

    When operating with Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and Distributed Power Management (DPM), what two statements explain the impact of disabling vSphere High Availability admission control? (Choose two.)

    A. VMware DPM does not place hosts in standby mode if doing so would violate failover requirements.
    B. DRS does not evacuate virtual machines from a host for the purpose of placing it in maintenance or standby modes if placing the host in this state would violate failover requirements.
    C. DRS will evacuate virtual machines from hosts and places hosts in maintenance or standby modes regardless of the impact this might have on failover requirements.
    D. VMware DPM will place hosts in standby mode even if doing so violates failover requirements.

    Answer: CD

    An administrator is configuring Storage I/O Control. After enabling, the administrator notices high device latency and poor storage performance. Which two actions would likely reduce latency and improve functionality? (Choose two.)

    A. Set the congestion threshold to 15ms
    B. Set the congestion threshold value to 5ms
    C. Ensure that each datastore has independent spindles
    D. Ensure that each datastore uses shared spindles

    Answer: AC


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