Which two actions will meet these goals?

Administrators are unable to connect to an ESXi 5.x host using the vSphere client. Restarting the management agent will likely fix the issue, but must be done without disrupting network connectivity to any virtual machines. Which two actions will meet these goals? (Choose two)

Enter the service mgmt vmware restart command from either SSH or local CLI

Select Restart Management Agents in the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)

Select Restart Management Network in the Direct Console User interface (DCUI)

Enter the services.sh restart command from either SSH or the local CLI


ESXi command is: /sbin/services.sh restart

Page 150 from vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-installation-setup-guide.pdf

Restart the Management Agents
The management agents synchronize VMware components and let you access the ESXi host through the vSphere Client or vCenter Server. They are installed with the vSphere software. You might need to restart the management agents if remote access is interrupted.
Restarting the management agents restarts all management agents and services that are installed and running in /etc/init.d on the ESXi host. Typically, these agents include hostd, ntpd, sfcbd, slpd, wsman, and vobd. The software also restarts Fault Domain Manager (FDM) if it is installed.
Users accessing this host through the vSphere Client or vCenter Server lose connectivity when you restart management agents.
1. From the direct console, select Troubleshooting Options and press Enter.
2. Select Restart Management Agents and press Enter.
3. Press F11 to confirm the restart.
The ESXi host restarts the management agents and services.

3 Comments on “Which two actions will meet these goals?

  1. DCW says:

    Just an FYI:
    A: services mgmt-vmware restart doesn’t work on 5.X

    ~ # service mgmt-vmware restart
    -sh: service: not found

    So it has to be B and D

  2. George says:

    service mgmt-vmware restart
    it is not in not ESXi free versions
    so A is correct.
    D is to restart the agents
    B is not available
    C is disruptive to the VMs

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