Which two events occur during an ESXi host failure?

An administrator is configuring admission control settings for a vSphere HA cluster. The administrator selects the option Allow VM power on operations that violate availability constraints
Which two events occur during an ESXi host failure? (Choose two)

Only virtual machines with a high restart priority are restarted on surviving ESXi hosts.

vSphere HA cannot guarantee that all virtual machines from a failed host will be restarted.

vSphere HA restarts virtual machines on surviving ESXi hosts with the most unreserved capacity.

Virtual machines can be powered on until the percentage of cluster resources reaches 25 percent.

Page 25 from vsphere-esxi- vcenter-server-50-availability-guide.pdf



3 Comments on “Which two events occur during an ESXi host failure?

  1. jmpr says:

    I’m with sweetmail.

    An ESXi host failure it’s possible, but it’s possible that some of lived host have resource availability, so if per example you have 20 VMs in a failed host, and only 5 have high restart priority . . . What happen with others 15 VMs . . . if host with resource availability have capacity to restart, for example, up to 11 virtual machines?

    So I think that B and C are correct answers.

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