Which two operations ensure these requirements are met?

An administrator is deploying several ESXi 5.x hosts. Centralized logging with accurate timestamp is a requirement for the deployment.
Which two operations ensure these requirements are met? (Choose two.)

Configure the host to use an NTP server

Configure the hosts to direct logs to a syslog server

Configure the host to record fame stamps m the local time zone

Configure vilogger on the vSphere Management Appliance


Page 10 on vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-command-line-management-for-service-console-users.pdf

Remote Logging Setup in ESXi
You can movemostESXilogging informationoffthe host. Collecting data to a centrallocation is especiallyuseful forhostsprovisionedwithAutoDeploy.You can perform thesetasks:
* SetupNTPonthe ESXihostsyou aremonitoring and onthe systems that host the logging services or storethe logs.You can usethe vSphereClient or the vicfg-ntpvCLIcommandto setupNTP.
* Configuresyslog to save logs to a remote host.You can send logs to a specificdirectory,and configure subloggers. SeeUsing ESXCLI for Syslog Configuration on page 10.
* vCenter Server and ESXihaveSNMP agents. You can setupthe vCenterServer SNMP agentwiththe vSphere Client. You can setupthe ESXiSNMP agentwith the vSphere Clientor the vicfg-snmp command. See vSphereCommand-Line Interface Solutions and Examples .
* Listen forCIM indications.

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