Which two steps could be taken to correct the problem?

Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator is applying patches to a batch of ESXi 5.x hosts in an under-allocated HA/DRS cluster. An attempt is made to place the host into maintenance mode, but the progress has stalled at 2%. DRS are configured as shown in the exhibit. Of the four choices below, two would effectively resolve this issue.
Which two steps could be taken to correct the problem? (Choose two.)

Manually migrates any running virtual machines to another host

Set the cluster to Fully Automated

Disable HA Monitoring to allow Maintenance Mode to proceed

Set the cluster migration threshold to Aggressive


Changed answers to A and B and here is why:
A. This will do the trick
B. This will work (tested)
C. Makes sense but it is UNDER-Allocated and this is disable monitoring for that 1 host – So this answer I dont understand
D. Fully Automated already takes care of this and the threshold is for automation not for any other DRS setting.

I had this issue happen on a 4.1 cluster but it had bad over allocation. TURNING OFF HA was the only way to get things to migrate… That is my reason for not choosing C. I think these are the answers VMware is looking for.

Prep King has options B and D and I changed them to B and D because reading the question it notes “Under-Allocated” so there would be no reason to disable HA in this case.


– If an ESX host is a part of VMware High Availability (HA) or DR’S cluster, check the Admission Control settings. You may have to disable this option if there are not enough resources to ensure fail over capacity.
– If you want vCenter Server to migrate your running virtual machines automatically to other hosts when placing your host in maintenance mode, DR’S must be enabled in your cluster in the Fully Automated mode.
So my responses are B and C. I think if you change DRS settings through a MM placement it will migrate them… please share your thoughts at: (and try it out in your lab)

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