Which two steps could be taken to correct the problem?

Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is applying patches to a batch of ESXi 5.x hosts in an under-allocated HA/DRS cluster. An attempt is made to place the host into maintenance mode, but the progress has stalled at 2%. DRS are configured as shown in the exhibit. Of the four choices below, two would effectively resolve this issue. Which two steps could be taken to correct the problem? (Choose two.)

Manually migrates any running virtual machines to another host

Set the cluster to Fully Automated

Disable HA Monitoring to allow Maintenance Mode to proceed

Set the cluster migration threshold to Aggressive


5 Comments on “Which two steps could be taken to correct the problem?

  1. Giorgio says:

    I don’t understand why A is not correct?

    I think that it is A and C.

    I also find someone else’s answer somewhere else “…When maintenance mode stale to 2% is because can’t migrate vm. So in the exhibit the automation level is in manual mode. B automated vmotion of vm. A you can migrate manualy to solve this. D no effect because maintenance mode is include in conservative migration threshold. See DRS migration thresholds”

    1. networkmanagers says:

      Thanks people who send me the comments .
      “Today I test the case and try to change the configuration of DRS to Fully Automated “at hot”. Nothing happend. I had to go again to the DRS tab to Apply DRS recommandation or move my VMs manually. So I’m really sure that the good answers are: A and C ”
      I change the answer but someone have another ideal . Plz comment in this post . We’ll fix the answers .

  2. Giorgio says:

    C is definitively part of the right answer.

    ESX host in a VMware High Availability cluster fails to enter maintenance mode and stops at 2% (http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1007156)

    This is normal behavior for a VMware HA/DRS cluster that is using strict admission control.

    Disabling strict admission control (allowing virtual machines to power on even if they violate constraints) should allow a host to enter maintenance mode in this situation. A bug was discovered that would not allow a host to enter maintenance mode even if strict admission control was disabled.

    This was resolved in VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 3 and disabling strict admission control should now allow hosts to enter maintenance mode correctly.

    To workaround the issue, temporarily disable VMware HA in the cluster settings. You will then be able to put the ESX Server host into Maintence mode and do the work required. You can then re-enable HA on your cluster.

    For detailed steps, see VMware High Availability: Concepts, Implementation, and Best Practices.

    Note: DRS needs to be enabled on your cluster in Fully Automated mode if you want VirtualCenter to migrate your running virtual machines automatically to other hosts when placing your host in Maintenance Mode.

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