which two ways will the new ESXi 5.x implementation differ from ESX 4.1 implementation?

An existing vSphere environment will be upgraded to vSphere 5. The current implementation utilizes ESX 4.1 and the new implementations will ESXi 5.x. In which two ways will the new ESXi 5.x implementation differ from ESX 4.1 implementation? (Choose two)

VMware ESXi 5.x does not provide a host-based firewall.

VMware ESXi 5.x can boot from additional sources, such as a USB drive.

VMware ESXi 5.x does not provide local command-line management capabilities.

VMware ESXi 5.x can support virtual machine which larger resource configurations.


Option A is incorrect, ESXi have a internal firewall.
Page 36 from Vsphere Security – ESXi 5.0.pdf

ESXi Firewall Configuration
ESXi includes a firewall between the management interface and the network. The firewall is enabled by default.

Option B is correct.
Page 28 from vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-installation-setup-guide.pdf
* USB devices. Supported for installing ESXi 5.0. For a list of supported USB devices, see the VMware Compatibility Guide at http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility

Option C is incorrect, ESXi have local command-line but is necessary enable it.
Page 9 from vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-command-line-interface-getting-started-guide.pdf

Running ESXCLI Commands in the ESXi Shell
ESXCLIcommands in the ESXiShellarefullysupported unless they aremarkedas internal in theonline help.
The ESXiShellis disabled bydefault. You mustenable theESXiShellbeforeyou canrun commands in the shell.SeeESXi ShellAccess with the DirectConsole onpage 10.

Option D is correct. See all Maximum configuration for ESX 4 and ESX5 document.
Some example:
Max CPU – 8

Max CPU – 32

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