Winch vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

An administrator is configuring a stretched DRS/HA clusters. The administrator wishes to restrict the failover of VMs to certain hosts within a given site.
Winch vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

DRS Storage Groups

DRS Host Groups

Host Priority

Host Affinity

Ref:  Page 73 from vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-resource-management-guide.pdf

DRS Host Group is a prerequisite of VM-Host Affinity rule. In DRS group you will create a list of available hosts from specific virtual machines.

3 Comments on “Winch vSphere feature satisfies this requirement?

  1. Giorgio says:

    Hi, it is not clear to me why isn’t D (Host affinity) a valid option, and from where in the question it is understood that it is being asked for a “prerequisite”. Thanks.

  2. Mohsin Alvi says:

    The Answer is D
    creating ‘DRS Host Groups’ only will not satisfy requirements of question

    and it is clear thing as you cannot create ‘Host Affinity’ with out defining the Host Group

  3. Rich says:

    To restrict VMs to certain hosts you need DRS Host groups, DRS VM groups and VM-Host affinity or anti-affinity rules. Hosts groups alone will not “satisfy this requirement” alone.

    So I think the correct answer would be ‘DRS Storage groups’ – that’s more general and all three settings are found under that UI.

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