x environment to minimize the impact of the downtime? (Choose two

The storage administrator is preparing an action plan to upgrade a Fibre Channel storage array. The current plan will result in extended downtime for a VMFS LUN that is part of a SDRS cluster. What steps can be taken in a vSphere 5.x environment to minimize the impact of the downtime? (Choose two.)

Ensure there are multiple active paths to the LUN

Ensure DRS is configured properly

Use Storage vMotion to migrate the affected VMDKs

Place the datastore into maintenance mode

5 Comments on “x environment to minimize the impact of the downtime? (Choose two

  1. Scott says:

    If you have a datastore cluster configureed, you can place a datastore into SDRS maintenence mode… this can be done from the config tab/storage/ right click a datastore listed and select “ENTER SDRS MAINTENENCE MODE”

    also, at saem place, select a datastore, and select the summary tab and there is a command to place into sdrs maint mode also.


  2. Scott says:

    A isn’t correct because the question states that there will be an extended downtime on the storage LUN, so adding more paths to the same LUN will not resolve the issue.


  3. Jim says:

    If i understand correctly, Storage DRS uses storage vmotion to automatically migrate VMDKs if a data-store is put into maintenance mode. If this is correct, surely “Use storage vmotion to migrate the affect VMDKs” is not warranted. Making the answer B & D

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