x host? (Choose three

Which three tasks can be selected from the home page of an ESXi 5.x host? (Choose three.)

Browse objects managed by the host

Browse NFS mounts for this host

Download VMware vCenter or the vSphere client from vmware.com

Shutdown or restart the host

Download the PowerCLI installer

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  1. Scott says:

    I will post all the parts from a 5.1 homepage..

    VMware ESXi 5.1

    Getting Started
    If you need to access this host remotely, use the following program to install vSphere Client software. After running the installer, start the client and log in to this host.

    Download vSphere Client

    Download VMware vCenter
    If you need more help, please refer to our documentation library:

    vSphere Documentation

    vSphere Remote Command Line
    The Remote Command Line allows you to use command line tools to manage vSphere from a client machine. These tools can be used in shell scripts to automate day-to-day operations.

    Download the Virtual Appliance
    Download the Windows Installer (exe)
    Download the Linux Installer (tar.gz)

    Web-Based Datastore Browser
    Use your web browser to find and download files (for example, virtual machine and virtual disk files).

    Browse datastores in this host’s inventory

    the ONLY REASON that browse NFS mounts is correct, is that when you browse for datastores, your NFS mounts get mounted as datastores, and thus show up as a browseable datastore, so yes, you CAN browse NFS mounts by using the “browse datastores” link in the home page..


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