x host? (Choose two

What are two consequences of deleting a VMFS datastore from an ESXi 5.x host? (Choose two.)

The datastore is unaccessible from all connected ESXi hosts.

The datastore and all virtual machines are removed from the storage device.

The datastore and all virtual machines remain on the storage device.

The datastore is only removed from that specific ESXi host.

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  1. khelsun says:

    Per VM Doc:

    Delete VMFS Datastores in the vSphere Client

    You can delete any type of VMFS datastore, including copies that you have mounted without resignaturing. When you delete a datastore, it is destroyed and disappears from all hosts that have access to the datastore.

    The datastore delete operation permanently deletes all files associated with virtual machines on the datastore. Although you can delete the datastore without unmounting, it is preferable that you unmount the datastore first.

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